Ramons Brache says: "My dream is that God gives me the chance of seeing the last days of my life with peace of mind and calmness"

complete the phrase..."Do not be afraid of_____"

Do not be afraid of being kind to others. when you don't let people down and support them, God through the universe gives you peace. life is a boomerang that is why kind people are not supposed to be afraid of anything. 

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Sonia Garcia says: "My dream is to become a model and a fashion designer. I also want to create my own company and show everyone I didn't give up.  yet I like the idea of joining the police department because I don't like injustices. I'm just 15 years old but I know things didn't go well sometimes."

Complete the phrase... "Do not be afraid of_____"

Do not be afraid to follow your dreams, life is about having goals and make them happen no matter how others think about them."

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Jonathan Beltre says: "I don't have an ultimate dream... I am going with my own flow in life, creating my own lifestyle and thriving off it. it's always nice to check in with friends and family, but I will live my life for myself. if I need to say something about my dream, I will say: my dream is to grow old by living the present one-day t the time."

Complete the phrase: "Do not be afraid of ______"

Do not be afraid of trying anything in life, you never know where is going to take you, as long as, you try; you never know"

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