Wanderlust Axel hat

The story of wanderlust Axel:
Wanderlust Axel was a responsible working-class man who made about 1.25 cents a day working in the factory industry, such as digging ditches.
After the struggle to grow enough food and As a household and a progressive spirit, He decided to travel around the USA for a better lifestyle. At the beginning of the Depression era, He bought tickets from Seattle to Boston for him, his wife, and his sons.  
They slept in Chicago's Union Station, which was where passengers arrived because they didn’t have enough money to pay a room. Axel and his family traveled on a slower train that spent closer to 48 hours to make this trip because of the high cost of the express one from Chicago to Boston. During these experiences, wanderlust Axel learned “Do not be afraid of being consistent" because freedom is the effort of creating our path.

A true story inspired it.

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