Journalist Axel hat

Journalist Axel spent the first eight years of his life with his maternal grandparents.  After his grandparent's death, he moved to Europe, where he became a detective and journalist in the 1950s. During this time, he improved his skills and abilities through reading American literature. 

In the 1960's he traveled to Asia, the Caribbean, and some of the islands around it. He believes that he suffers from severe conditions, like nomadism. After traveling around the world and collecting many stories and memories, he started working on three novels and two volumes of memoirs, along with occasional pieces of journalism. But, during the dictatorship era, he began writing articles about political tension and regimes that jeopardize his work. Many people considered his investigation foolish and his stories inaccurate. But his actions reveal the truth about government scandals that helped with the resignation of one president in 1974.

He learned through all the experience,s "Do not be afraid to speak up". therefore, he has spent the last decade writting about the 21st century dictortaship, forgotten conflicts and freedom of speech around the world. 

A true story inspired it.

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