Gutsy Axel Hat

The story of Gutsy Axel:

Gutsy Axel Followed in his father's footsteps, becoming the third generation of grape farmers in Oregon. After graduating from Portland State University in 2000, Axel showed his courage and determination in pursuing his passion by caring for the land he inherited. Through these virtues, including the process of caring for his land, encouraged him to believe in the phrase: “Do not be afraid of failure.”

His passion for grapes leads him to become a world-renowned grape breeding expert.
No one knows the actual story of how Gutsy Axel goes from single grape seed to a vineyard full of healthy and robust vines for the next generation.

Today Axel is a celebrated winemaker, leading the industry in progressive, sustainable practices; while expanding a solid reputation for innovatively crafting exceptional wines.

A true story inspired it.