Groovy Axel Hat

A year ago, Groovy Axel wasn't sure where he goes in life. He was born and raised in South Carolina, where he spent most of his childhood at his mother’s firm attorney, concentrating in criminal defense (State and Federal), real estate, and family/divorce law. He thought that working for the government was his calling since he grew up with, but he noticed that his passion was not this but fashion.
He studied psychology and philosophy, but after a semester, he moved to LA, where he wanted to start his fashion line.

In Los Angeles, he mastered the craft and started freelancing in designing new fashion and sending them to other garment manufacturers. In the transition, he discovered clothing and design as a form of self-expression and a way of working through mental health issues.

Upon designing a few samples and exhibiting them at a trade show in LA, He returned to South Carolina, where he wanted to start his business. His clothing line “do not be afraid to break paradigms” has become one of the most requested pieces in some of the countries most high-end boutiques.

A true story inspired it.

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